Email List Generator

May 31, 2016

Email List generator is marketing software program; it is a tool that gets automated bulk email lists in really short time.

email list generator

Feature List of the Email Generator Professional

  1. Mass Import

The Database includes regarding several name list, if you have to have a lot more name lists, you should import them from your computer system. Email Generator sustains all message record, such as (.txt), and (.xml), and so on

The software will instantly get rid of duplicate names from your list, and you should choose several reports once.

  1. Unrestricted Email List

Email Generator is high-speed, multiple-threads software application. You can quickly obtain massive email list simply put time, everything is automatic, and it will instantly eliminate duplicate email list. If you intend to get even more emails, you just have to have input more keywords and also domain names.

  1. Mass Export

If the mailing list is substantial, Email Generator supports external email address to multiple files; you could specify the list of random emails on each document.

  1. Running in Background

In general, you have to have generated a huge email list; it will certainly be implemented on most open and click-through rates. So you would establish Email Generator run in the history, and it will not influence you to do something else.