2 ways to check players CHEAT on ROULETT

2 ways to check players CHEAT on ROULETT

The first one is pretty simple, while the second one is more complicated and requires collaboration from at least two players. Ok, let’s start with the first one. Often the easiest and simplest ways to cheat are the most effective just because nobody can believe that something so stupid can succeed.How to avoid the cheating by reading the rules:


But it does. So, the first way is to simply place a bet when the ball has already dropped in the number. For this method, so-called column bets are especially vulnerable simply because they are very close to players and can easily be out of the dealer’s sight at times.

So, when the ball drops, the cheater simply pushes his chips into the winning column, hoping that the Dealer will not notice. It also helps if the Dealer is young and not experienced, and if the inspector that is supposed to be watching the table is not paying attention.

For example, check out where this player is holding his left hand. If the table Staff is not careful, he can just drop the chips from it on the layout once the winning number is out already. If the Dealer is a bit more experienced, then the cheater needs to find somebody that will do a distraction in a crucial moment, maybe do a call bet or drop the cash for a change just when the ball is just about to start dropping.

But, definitely, the best option for cheats is to get the Dealer to collaborate and work with them. The Dealer will simply ignore late bets and then get his share of the loot afterward. For Casinos that is the most dangerous scenario possible.

That’s why some Casinos do not allow their Dealers to get friendly with players or visit other Casinos in their free time. Simply not to be tempted by the bad company. After the Team is done with their fraud, loot will be divided the old-fashioned way – half for you, half for me, and half for our friend.

OK, joking on the side, this is the second way of cheating. There must be at least two players in the team, and each one is, as usual, playing with his color chips on the Roulette table. For scams to be successful, they have to pretend that they don’t know each other.

Then, one of the players takes a few color chips belonging to the other one and puts them under his color chips. When the ball drops, this nice guy will place the stack quickly on the winning number, before the Dealer marks it with the dolly.

Of course, this will be a late bet and Dealer will have to remove it and warn the nice guy not to place late bets. The thing is, the Dealer will remove only the color chips belonging to this guy, for example, white color like in this video, but will not remove the chips belonging to the other nice guy because the respected gentleman never laid his hand even close to the winning number in last minute, so it must be that he placed his long time ago.

So the respected gentleman will win a nice amount that he will later on share with his gang. Now, this second way seems a bit more advanced and fancy, but the thing is that it can not be repeated many times, while the simple one, where you just slide the chips on the winning column, can be repeated many times until the suspect gets caught by the Dealer or Inspector.

And then there is also a variation where the distinguished gentlemen just remove the losing chips from the columns before the Dealer cleans them up. There are plenty of other ways to cheat. For sure you have heard the stories of magnets that Casinos use to get the ball in certain numbers.

Now, there might be out there dodgy Casinos where owners are trying to cheat in that way, however, I have always worked for respectful and honest institutions and have never seen that in 25 years of my career.

Simply, well-known Casinos do not need that and the damage to the reputation would cost much more than what could be won by cheating in the short term. On the other hand, the story of the genius who made the computer program that calculates where the ball will land, based on the initial speed of the wheel and the ball, is true.

It is not that it calculates exactly the number which will win, but it is precise enough to predict the sector and turn the house advantage of 2,7% in the seamster’s favor. So, Casino staff needs to be very careful and keep an eye out if anyone is trying to use cameras around the Roulette wheel.

If you play, play a bit and spend only what you can afford. Think of gambling as paid entertainment and not a way to make money. I’m making a few videos on other Casino games such as blackjack, poker, or slot machines, so if you are interested, click on subscribe.

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