Bid For Brazilian 리얼돌 Doll’s ‘Virginity’ Passes $105,000

Bid For Brazilian 리얼돌 Doll’s ‘Virginity’ Passes $105,000

A Brazilian sex 리얼돌 doll’s virginity is being bent on and it’s going to go for one hundred and five thousand dollars. That’s not even writing because it says that it surpassed a hundred five thousand dollars and the days not done yet is going to go all the way to March thirty-first, I believe so I don’t think about them in and the company’s name is sex.

On eco, it’s an online section that opted bid, started the bidding war for uh …, Valentino, brazil’s first lifelike sex 리얼돌 doll, and by the way they. This is what they tell. You go hand-in-hand with this.

What you get for paying you get a night in the presidential suite of a motel Swaying, which is a paid-by-the-hour motel in the city of sao paulo uh …. You get a special candlewood dinner with French champagne.

I don’t know how that works piece. It’s a dollar that doesn’t pocket the. So we don’t get you the only one eating you get in the app a bad with Rose. Petals, you get a round-trip flight. If you don’t live there, special lingerie for her when I say her for it uh.

.. and you get a digital camera. So you can film and show it to your friends afterward. We will creep but think about that meant how pathetic or men how pathetic comment on sorry, man. You know they are under five thousand dollars more than a hundred five thousand dollars have sex within dol any one of the reasons why it’s going so high.

None of this is even a good excuse, but the reason why they’re getting because uh …, unlike other sexed all this, is the first real lifelike dol the skin, peel similar to the texture of human skin and she’s, described as having real life 리얼돌 quote green eyes.ㄱ